we're missionaries who happen to be musicians, visual artists, dancers, teachers, videographers, photographers, and baristas.
There's a strong momentum to what god is doing in our city.
if you feel called to local missions, evangelism and living in a community of on-fire believers, watch the video below!

Click the button above and fill out the form so that we can connect with you, give you more info on where Mission Isla Vista is headed, and pray with you about and pray with you about moving here for a 1-year commitment to be a part of the family of Mission Isla Vista!

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About Our Community

Isla Vista is a beautiful, peaceful, crazy college town right on the beach in Southern California, on the campus of UCSB.
Roughly 30,000 students, families and everyone in-between, live within one square mile.

In 2001 a college youth group in Santa Barbara began to pray and seek God about reaching out to the city of Isla Vista.
Every weekend while these Christians gathered to worship and pray, thousands of their classmates and friends were partying, drinking, and trying to find fulfillment on the main party street: Del Playa Drive. Eventually, the prayer, worship nights, community barbecues and street evangelism that came from this college group evolved into Mission Isla Vista, a missions base designated to reach this city.

Over the years, Mission Isla Vista has grown to become a community & family of believers whose mission is to serve & love the city of Isla Vista, pursuing the lost with the love & power of the Gospel, and with the heart of Jesus. 

We believe that Revival looks like a family that is on fire, and united. 
That really has become the identity of Mission Isla Vista & the community of believers in Isla Vista: we're a family! Here's some of our ministries that we do, overflowing out of God's heart for IV:

-Isla Vista Church - our church
-Isla Vista Worship - our worship team & worldwide worship movement
-Upper Room - our weekly worship night, preceding Jesus Burgers
-Jesus Burgers - our weekly community outreach!
-Mac & Jesus - our weekly outreach for our homeless friends here in IV
-Prayer & Prophecy - a monthly night prayer & encouragement for the city
-Everyday Kingdom Living - a website/blog with encouragement for believers

Our family here is extremely missional in our mindset, which is a response to the Great Commission (Matthew 28:16-20).

We know that we're planted here in IV for Jesus, and Jesus is here for the Lost.
In creating this page & the video above, we wanted to inform you & invite you to join our family & movement, as we pursue the expansion of the Kingdom of Heaven here in Isla Vista.
We want to welcome you! If you feel called to California, come join us on the coast!

If you're interested in joining family God has placed here in Isla Vista,
click the button below and fill out the form so that we can connect with you, give you more info, and pray with you about moving here for a 1-year commitment to Mission Isla Vista. :)