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It's pretty wild to us that our first album was made in a 10'x10' wood shed in a field. So this time around, we were able to move on up to the big leagues.. We had the privilege of recording our sophomore full-length album in our very own state of the art garage!! Which flooded about 7 times throughout the making of this record haha.. What seemed like a disaster, actually ended up being one of the coolest recording experiences and most fun DIY projects we've ever done. 

 Our heart behind this album was to try and capture some of the raw passion and unforgettable moments of worship we've had over the last 10 years as a worship community and church family. Our community is full of students, artists, musicians, athletes, and families going after Jesus & revival in our land. When we all come together and worship, the glory of God shows up. It's like you can feel heaven invading earth as we pour out our praise. Those are the moments we tried to capture. The moments of God showing up in our midst as we sang simple and pure songs of adoration to the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. We hope this record blesses your socks off!